The Lost Lands

Arriving again at Bard's Gate

The stirge menace has abated as they and the mad wizard have fled their cave domain when the heroes retuned to confront them.

Upon spending some time in Bard’s Gate the heroes learn that their are a number of abductions of women and children near the city’s canals. Abductions in the night. Kaelmourn suspects the hand of Orcas and a plan is developed to dress Obsidian Shard as a normal lady and Ifuria as a child.

They catch a glimpse of a gondala clown and his strnge looking companions but can’t outrun their watery departure. The next night Ifuria and Obsidian Shard are found by patrolling paladins of Muir and taken into custody.

Ifuria and Obsidian Shard are taken to see Janet the prudish Paladin of Muir, also known as the Lady Protector. The paladins turn out to be the Sisters of the Maiden’s Cross. Paladin’s of Muir. The paladin’s are from Lowport region. They have traveled to rout out slaver’s who are bringing persons from Bard’s Gate to Lowpoet.

Janet wants the The Dark Hands to infiltrate Slaver’s Way in the Black Market. A part of town in Bard’s Gate with a bad reputation, not a welcoming area for paladins of Muir.

A bit of flash and fast action. The heroes buy the slaves, but at the hand over a third party brings a squad of soldiers to take the slaves. After the heroes victory their deeds spread through Bard’s Gate and there is much rejoicing!



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