The Lost Lands

On board the Summertime

The heroes arrive at Eastgate. Here they rest and recouperate for about a week. Kaelmourn and Obsidian visit the Temple of Freya where Rainbow and Kaelmourn are healed of their lepracy. Kaelmourn seeks guidance from a local sage on the Codex of Order and finds out that there are three Orcas strongholds in the area: Rappan Athuk, Tsaar, and the burial grounds of Thyr and Muir.

Slith arranges passage on the Summertime, a keelboat that is traveling up the Amrin river to Bard’s Gate. Whiile the heroes see off a number of minor threats, one night there are best by an ogre magi who’s greatsword fells many of the heroes and who uses cone of cold to kill Hassan, Rainbow, and Slith. We great effort the Dark Hands are able to finally defeat the ogre magi through the use of alchemy, violence, and faire fire.



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