Arryn Rumblefoot

A halfling in search of a good story


The quite life was never enough for Arryn.

Most people set off on a life of danger because they are given little other choice in the matter. Not so Arryn Rumblefoot. He grew up in a pleasant halfling stedding, surrounded by good friends, good food, good ale, and good pipeweed. He had, in short, a relatively peaceful existence. No great, dire circumstance forced him to leave.

He was simply bored.

Bored with performing the same tasks every day. Bored with listening to the old curmudgeons tell the same stories every night, in the same tavern, drinking the same ale. Bored with the same, idyllic scenery. Just…bored.

Then the travelling minstrels came.

They put on a show for the village, and everyone turned out. Everything was new for Arryn! New stories, new sites, new sounds. The minstrels came, and performed, and left.

And Arryn went with them.

Now a journeyman whose ability to get a whole room laughing or crying with his wits alone, Arryn has set off on his own, to explore the world as it is, and to seek out new stories.

When word hits him of a group of adventurers, with their own tavern, making their own tales…how could he possibly resist?

Arryn Rumblefoot

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