The Spear of Muir


Name: Benjamin
Race: Human
Class: Inquisitor 4
Alignment: LG
Deity: Muir

Ability Scores:
Str – 18
Dex – 14
Con – 12
Int -11
Wis – 13
Cha – 9

AC – 19
Flat-Footed – 17
Touch – 12

HP (Max) = 30
Speed (Land) = 20
Init = 5

Fort = 6
Reflex = 4
Will = 7

Skills (trained)
Diplomacy – 6
Intimidate – 8
(Arcana) – 5
(Dungeoneering) – 5
(Nature) – 5
(Planes) – 4
(Religion) – 5
Preception – 8
Sense Motive – 10
Spellcraft – 7
Survival – 5
Swim – 4

Power Attack
Furious Focus
Combat Reflexes
Lookout (Bonus Teamwork)

Indom. Faith = +1 Will
Reactionary = +2 Init


Growing up in a military family, Benjamin was predestined for war. What his family did not know however, was his growing admiration of the Goddess Muir. Growing up in Bard’s Gate provided ample opportunity to witness the courage and honor of those who served Muir as they fought to maintain the peace in Bard’s Gate.

Benjamin proved himself to be an able warrior with a spear as he was training to become a solder. His honor and skill on the training field generated attention from the ranks of the Justicars. These elite warriors of Muir are constantly on the lookout for valorous warriors to join their ranks.

However, Benjamin must prove his worth by defeating great evils in Muir’s name in order to gain further recognition. First, he began in Zelkor’s Ferry where he heard a brave group of adventurers were exploring caves that would ultimately lead to Rappen Athuk. He sought to join in with the group and aid them in their goal of exploring the dangerous mountain. However, the group was initially not focused on eradicating those who would threaten the peace of the land and so he returned to Bard’s Gate to seek more worthy companions.

As he arrived in Bard’s Gate, he began hearing stories of the glorious Xoshak’s Raiders who were battling evils of the land. Lo and behold, this was the same group that Benjamin had left. It seemed they had begun to take on more worthy quests. Perhaps it is time for Benjamin to rejoin these brave adventurers as they cleanse the land of evil.

After adventuring with Xoshak’s Raiders. Benjamin charged into battle against overwhelming odds thrusting his spear into the cult leaders. Sadly, he perished in a sacrifice to Orkus.


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