Ratfolk Vanguard Slayer


Flam the Ratfolk Vanguard Slayer
Race: Ratfolk
Str: 10
Dex: 15
Con: 12
Wis: 12
Int: 13
Cha: 6


Racial Traits:
Darkvision – 60ft
Rodent Empathy

Weapon Finesse

Special Abilities:
Studied Target


Flam was happily stuffing his face with a particularly juicy section of leg meat from the Ogre that was killed by a group of adventurers a few days ago. The meat was nice and tough with plenty of fat running through the whole piece.

Unfortunately, his enjoyment was cut short when one of the leader’s personal guard came to get him. Apparently Vespar wanted to see him and his cousin, Flim, a trap expert. Flam sighed at his delectable slice and proceeded to stand up and follow the guards to where their leader was at the moment. As they were walking, Flam wondered why him and Flim had been chosen. They were good at their respective jobs of tracking and trapping prey, but they were not the best of the clan by far. What did their cunning leader have planned for them when they had enough meat to last the clan for another week at least already?

Flam arrived just outside of the sand room where the group of adventurers had been allowed to rest when they needed. Flim was already there, looking confused as well about the reasoning for them being there. It appears that our leader hasn’t informed my cousin of his plans yet. Flam greets the two truefolk in the room and comments, “You asked to see me sir?”

Vespar turned and looked at Flam and replied, “Yes, I have need of two truefolk of quality. Immediately I thought the pair of you would be the perfect choice. It appears that the adventurers who cleared out the Ogre’s domain for us have lost two valuable members of their team. This provides the clan with an excellent opportunity to continue to exploit the efforts of these… dark people of various origins… to continue the growth of our land. I want you two to join these adventurers and assist them in their goals, while making sure they stay in the area until the whole hills cave system is under our control. Plot out the different paths and caverns that we have not been able to penetrate yet while keeping a close eye on any potentially valuable resources that we can use as trade or crafting materials. Further, this will be an opportunity for you both to hone your skills and join the ranks of the true elite.”

“Aye sir, that sounds like a very cunning plan. What about the loot that I acquire while traveling with these adventurers? The elders tell us stories of the great riches some human heroes have dangling from their bodies, some of which our strongest have claimed as trophies themselves.”

Vespar pauses a moment before he responds to the question he was hoping Flam would not ask. “That which you find and can carry will be yours to keep. However, I expect that you will give close attention to the wealth you can not carry with you so that the clan can retrieve it later. I will expect frequent reports and will send messengers periodically. Make sure you make the symbol of our clan on the walls of turns you make so they can find you.”

“Well, it seems that we should go on in and introduce ourselves shouldn’t we?” Flam starts heading for the door of the sand room, Flim following in step.


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