Half-Orc Barbarian


Alignment: Neutral
Deity: Mithras (God of War) – I need to take a more detailed look at the gods, so this may not be the final choice
Race: Half- Orc

Str: 16
Dex: 13
Con: 13
Int: 12
Wis: 11
Cha: 11

Hill Fighter – You may run or charge downhill on a steep slope (moving up to your base speed) without making an Acrobatics check to avoid stumbling but if you travel farther than this distance, the normal rules for steep slopes apply.
Called – Once per day upon rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll, you may reroll the die and take the second result instead
Race Traits
Acute Darkvision – 90 ft – Replaces Ferocity
Shaman’s Apprentice – Endurance as Free Feat – Replaces Intimidating
Orc Blood
Weapon Familiarity (Orc)

Level Progression
Lvl 1 Invuln Rager: Fast Movement, Rage, Endurance (Shaman’s Apprentice), Power Attack
Lvl 2

Barbarian Kit
Collapsible Plank
Folding Pole
Darts x10
Spiked Gauntlet
Studded Leather



Gorsk’s tale is unusual for a half-orc. You see, his father was a typical orc in the [blah] foothills who raided a local village and took home his human prize. This part is quite typical, but what happened next is that instead of having his way with her and then killing the human woman, he kept her around. You see, the RockEater clan recently lost many of its members, particularly the women, as the clan was attacked and destroyed whilst the best warriors were out on a scouting mission. Seeing as the clan was too weak to claim Orc women, they were forced to make brides out of the weaker races. Gorsk’s mother, Hilde, was such a woman. Unfortunately for Gorsk, Hilde was killed in the process of giving birth to her gnarled son. As such, Gorsk was raised primarily by his father, Ripp, who was a great warrior of the clan. His raising methods were a bit harsh and Gorsk learned to deal with the physical blows better than other Orcs, particularly nonlethal blows. The orcs lived deep in the caves below the hills to stay safe from invading adventurers or other creatures. This life in the deep caves gave Gorsk a strong sense of sight in the dark, almost as strong as his full orc brethren.
As he was growing up, he found that he was not as strong as his peers, but he was slightly smarter. As a result, he was teased into moments of anger when he would yell and lash out at the antagonists, only to be put down by the stronger members of his society. He learned to channel this rage quietly, calling on levels of strength that his opponents would not expect. They learned to back off when Gorsk suddenly became more quiet than normal as this was a sign of him focusing his rage against enemies.
His intelligence, quiet demeanor, and strong fortitude singled him out to the tribe’s only remaining shaman. As a result, he quickly became apprenticed to the shaman to learn the ways of the tribe and carry on the tribe’s legacy. However, he was not the only apprentice and there was much competition between those learning the ways of the Orc gods, particularly that of Orkus. These other apprentices were much more conniving and wicked than the slightly good natured Gorsk. As a result, Gorsk was not prepared for when the other apprentices rose up against the tribal shaman to take his power as Gorsk did not see this as being a plan that would serve the best interest of the RockEater clan. In his quiet rage, he was able to kill a few of his peers for their betrayal, but ultimately, they had received the blessings of Orkus and he was not strong enough to deal with their magic.
In order to escape the wrath of the new tribal leaders, Gorsk left his clan and fled to the Under Realm city of [Need a name here]. He joined a local band of mercenaries who taught him more about the art of fighting and even began to teach him how to make full use of his body, making him as much of a weapon as his trusted Falchion. They also taught him more about strategy than the typical Orc ambush and charge method. They taught him about flanking and how to use reach weapons to keep enemies at a distance when necessary. Hearing tales of a great treasure in an almost mythical dungeon called Rappan Athuk, Gorsk volunteered to go out in search of this great treasure. Along the way, he met with some fellow members of the Under Realms who are seeking these great treasures and agreed to work with them to develop their skills further in preparation for testing this dungeon called Rappan Athuk!


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