Nyktan Warclaw

Deep of purpose and fierce of heart




From whence he came…

Born Prince Nyktan of the Great Hunting Lands, Nyktan lead a life of hardship from a young age. Years ago the catfolk tribes of the Great Hunting Lands were masters of their domains and only contended with each other for hunting rights, females, and the right to rule. That was all before the Dark Doom came.

It swept over the Great Hunting Lands like the ocean, an unstopable tide that washed away any resistance set before it. An army of the dead. For those that were destroyed two more sprang forth and the fallen catfolk joined the ranks of the enemy. With so many of the tribes fallen Nyktan’s homeland became known by the rest of the world as the The Desolation. And all the while the seething mass of the dead a low moan could be heard, “Orrr…cusss.”
Nyktan lost his father to the ravages of the undead horde when his father sought to clense their ancient homeland, but his mother, Queen Hoya, managed to get Nyktan and his siblings to safety with the catfolk that fled again from The Desolation for other parts.

Exodus and the unexpected companion…

It was years after this Exodus of the Tribes that Nyktan first met his ancestor, the Lord of Thunder and Roar, the first King of the Great Hunting Lands whose body left the world centuries ago. It was he, King Zithembe, who first lead the tribes to the promised hunting grounds, he who held in check the warring nature of the tribes, he who founded the Rites of Self Discovery for all catfolk, and he appeared to Nyktan. The ghost of King Zithembe taught Nyktan many things about life, about the other races, and about catfolk heritage. He has been his guide in place of his dead father. In recent years the spirit of the dead king has manifested itself around Nyktan when in his most emotional battle rages, the king’s spirit can be barely seen lashing out at Nyktan’s enemies a physical manifestation of Nyktan’s ancestor’s spirt.

The way to live…

Early in his life, Nyktan learned from his father and the ghost of King Zithembe that the philosophies of law and good not only create the best society but also reveal truths that would otherwise remain obscured. He is rarely clouded by pure dogma; instead he is unafraid to question and create his own path toward truth, justice, and righteousness.

It is clear in Nyktan’s mind, however, that the society of law and good must be defended and fought for at all times. Only the most dedicated, persistent, and selfless, warriors can forge and then protect the societies that are best for all beings.

Strife between the ways of thought within the tribe…
Nyktan’s sibling kits have reacted to the Exodus in different way, but many don’t share his views about law and good. In fact many of them have taken up tasks, duties, and actions that put them at odds with Nyktan’s worldview. Duline the Butcher, Milah the Whore, Gerran the Robber of Graves, are the epithets of some of his closet kin, yet Nyktan feels compelled to aid his family when asked. A deep seated sense of loss that permeates of the catfolk of the Great Hunting Lands perhaps lies at the root of the issue, when his family asks, Nyktan tries to oblige…

Seducer to unrequited lover…
It was his brother Ferus who tempted Nyktan into shame. For Ferus greatly desired a magical sash owned by the merchant Katar. To gain access to Katar’s property he convinced Nyktan to seduce Katar’s daughter Alaya. For shame, Nyktan could not refuse his brother’s request for when his family asks it’s so hard to say no. Poor Alaya’s heart was broken and Ferus got his sash. Nyktan can never forgive himself for these events, but in the process he fell in in love with fair Alaya, but realized only later, after the sordid affair was done, and Alaya had grown to hate Nyktan.

Years later Nyktan heard that Alaya was abducted and taken in the hills, hidden in the ruins and dungeons there somewhere near Bard’s Gate. On his single quest to find her he was captured by an ogre of unspeakable power, he was fortunate indeed to be rescued by Xoshak’s Raiders.

Nyktan Warclaw

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