Daring, Quick, Condescending




In the small village of Hathway, Xoshak was born.
His mother the daughter of the village baker would tell no one who Xoshak’s father was, and at the time it was quite the scandal with much speculation, but as with most things, with time the scandal faded.
Esmra, Xoshak’s mother, was young and she was deeply affected by the scornful looks and attitudes of the villagers for having a child without being wed. Esmra’s mind soon began to fade away and she became only the shell of person, her body going through the motions of life, without and depth of thought. Xoshak’s uncle Jarn took him under his wing, it was from him he learned the ways of the Ranger, and learned how to battle and defeat the skeleton’s and zombies that roamed the countryside at night, posing an ever present danger to the villagers of Hathway.

Xoshak grew up with few attachements to anyone bother than Jarn, he had a few insignificant relationships with the girls of the village or local hamlets, but he soon tired of them and moved on. Xoshak dreamed of greater things, he thrived on tales of adventure, lost cities, and abandoned treasure hoards, and thus at the first opportunity he set out to find adventure.
During his wanderings he was accused of petty theft, but made a daring escape from the town’s donjon. Xoshak took an interest in tales of abandoned places and lost person as he came to believe that the following of such tales often led to wealth and it was usually accompanied by the chance to help people, by ridding the world of unsightly beasts, it was a task he has done with his uncle Jarn in Hathyway, and so he continued.

He formation of of Xoshaks’s Raiders at Zelkor’s Ferry was perhaps his greatest achievement, putting together such a disparate band was no easy task, and despite Xoshak’s prickish personality and condescending manner, for he had been talked down to by the villagers his whole life, he became the most successful uncharismatic leader of a known adventuring band.

The deeds of Xosha’s raiders can be found here: Formation of Xoshak’s Raiders, Ogres, Roaches and Snakes, Memories of Galgar, Call it divine intervention. Needless to say they were death defying, and in some cases death causing.

It was some time after Xoshak’s Raiders that there was a dramatic turn in Xoshak’s life. For within the Stoneheart Valley questing for the lost Highpriest of Thyr, Xoshak venturing well in advance of the rest of his Raiders, as always risking life and limb and on the lookout for traps, found a symbol of unspeakable evil…
Encountered a terrible demon…
Explored a secret tunnel to a hidden temple of Orcus….
Meet a mysterious dark priest…
And had a rebirth…


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