The Lost Lands

Journey to the Spire of Iron and Crystal
Traveling out of Bard's Gate

Leaving Bard’s Gate we head north. The multitude of lesser races that infest the Over Realm continue to huddle around flame fires as we pass their encampments in the night.
Hobbs engages with a human of low intellect at a bridge crossing, the fool seems to be a member of the Free Defenders out of Bard’s Gate. He has little to offer and even has not heard of our band.

Further north along the road we find where Gnolls have captured a human town, its inhabitants long fled. The thought of the Codex driving me on, as my research telling me the Spire could indeed be the final resting place of the Codex.

A brief stop at the long defiled temples of Thyr and Muir occupies my curiosity for a brief examination and journal entry. Here in the Stoneheart Valley it seems that some recent passerby had attempted to cleanse the temples, but I suspect a consecrate spell is needed to start the process. We soon press on, the call of the Codex whirling in my mind.
Beset by a duo of Ettins we find ourselves under attack. With swift action Orgoth and Hobbs take the forefront while Ifuria and I take cover and launch a magical and alchemical barrage. Curiously Orgoth strikes up a conversation mid battle with the ettins and barters his horse to the giants for them to leave us in peace. It seems Orgoth’s intellectual skills are making improvement with my own guidance. Soon we find ourselves approaching the Spire.

Behold! The Spire of Iron and Crystal. We have arrived. A strange place of four giant crystal eggs held at awkward angles by an iron framework. No entry is immediately available, but there is something oddly strange about this place, something that perhaps cannot be explained by sorcery.
We take the winding path leading up the back of the cliff face, anticipating the appearance of the magical bridge that will lead to the Spire. For three days only will the magical bridge appear. Soon… the day has come. A bridge of magical invisible force is a nerve wracking experience for the other Dark Hands, my Drow mind taking such fearful heights in stride. The bride narrows, becomes tube like, and begins a steeper entry into the topmost giant crystal egg. Sensing danger I quickly summon the power of my noble blood and levitate all of my companions. Suddenly the steep tube becomes untenable and all would have fallen but with the aid of my magic and we are thus able to slowly descend at a reasonable pace.

Below us we see a maze like structure at the bottom of the egg. Lighting swirling in the space between the egg top and the height of the maze walls. Lightning zooming along the top of the maze walls. We arrive at the end of the invisible tube, finding ourselves deposited in a open roofed room of the maze…

- Excerpt from the Journal of Kaelmourn of House Imrak on one of his many expeditions to find the Codex of Order

The Rats Below...
Someone forgot to bring the silver!

In the depths of the earth below the Temple of Bast the heroes battle dire rats….
and Ratfolk….

The heroes deduce that a dark conspiracy has been afoot for a long time. A cunning plan by the rat followers of the god S’surimus. The priests of this rat god have seemingly schemed for years to burrow up from the depths of the earth below Bard’s Gate and into the holy Temple of Bast.

Early on in exploring the rat caves the heroes rescue Kha Sai, a holy priestess of Bast. Her coffee complexion and accent marking her as a native of Khe’ Met. Unable to see in the darkness below she was forced to grip Kaelmourn’s shoulder and follow his lead deeper into the unholy ground of S’surimiss to rescue more of the priests.


Orgoth the Relentless At one point found three small Ratfolk who were captured. Promptly setting them free, they returned in a treacherous fashion when the heroes were battling other Ratfolk, and only Kaelmourn’s rear guarad watch stopped them from slaughtering the party from behind.

The band of heroes was forced to cut through multiple groups of ratfolk and wererats as they decended deeper.

Blood in guts spilled in abundance. The rats protected by their innate defenses against all but silver weapons.
Coulie and Hobbs face the rat hoard.

The Dark Hands finally make it to where the prisoners are being kept, and the remaining rats have barricaded themselves in the altar room of this under realm nest of S’Sarimiss. Kaelmourn is suspicious that some of the “prisoners” may in fact be other wererats so is reluctant to free them. While debating this question in his mind Hobbs the Living decides to upend the giant cauldron in the center of the room inleashing a swarm of Mind Rats that almost kill him, fortunately Hobbs’ mental defenses hold, much to Kaelmourn’s surprise. The aggressive mentalist rats are only defeated by Kaelmourn and Ifuria’s magical fire.

Then the door to S’surimiss’ inner sanctum is opened…

Magical webs fly, Orgoth the Relentless and Coulie hold the doorway and slowly forge ahead. Hobbs the Living falls attempting to rescue the priestess who is on the precipice of sacrifice. After much battling the priestess and Hobbs the Living are saved while the heroes withdraw back in the prisoner’s abode drawing heavy breaths and licking their wounds.

Still the high priest of S’surimiss remains with a half dozen wererats and the stolen Eyes of Bast…

Edmundo, Sergent of the Lyregurad, and his troop arrive having followed the trail of The Dark Hands deep below the Temple of Baast. With renewed support the doors to the inner sanctum of the temple are thrown open and the rats are slaughtered to a tail.

The Eyes of Baast were rescued and the rats looted. Among the treasure a Lesser Mace of Smiting was found.

Purann retuned a few days later and in a solemn ceremony the Eyes of Baast were placed back in the temple and the heroes were granted the Boon of Baast and granted the right of Healing for Life at the Temple of Baast.

Boon of Baast
+2 divine bonus to charisma interactions with Feline/Diplomacy free action to change great cats attitude to free action.

The Dark Hands arise
Including the Juliello Broad-Coe catastrophe

Fame and fortune from the liberation of the abducted slaves make The Dark Hands well known in the taverns and halls of Bard’s Gate.

This fame brings two immediate offers, 1) The capture of a map from Juliello Broad-Coe, 2) protecting the Temple of Bast in the absence of its high priest. One offer was clearly an honorable one that would bind us in a favorable future alliance, the other was a questionable undertaking that may lead to infamy.

With little hesitation Magpie and Ifuria accept the Fortune’s Fool heist against the better judgement of Kaelmourn and Hobbs the Living.

Much hilarity ensued. Resulting in the following.



Purrann seeing Kaelmourn around the temple district conducting his research decides to ask him and the Dark Hands guard the Temple of Bast while he is goe out of the city for a short while.

Arriving again at Bard's Gate

The stirge menace has abated as they and the mad wizard have fled their cave domain when the heroes retuned to confront them.

Upon spending some time in Bard’s Gate the heroes learn that their are a number of abductions of women and children near the city’s canals. Abductions in the night. Kaelmourn suspects the hand of Orcas and a plan is developed to dress Obsidian Shard as a normal lady and Ifuria as a child.

They catch a glimpse of a gondala clown and his strnge looking companions but can’t outrun their watery departure. The next night Ifuria and Obsidian Shard are found by patrolling paladins of Muir and taken into custody.

Ifuria and Obsidian Shard are taken to see Janet the prudish Paladin of Muir, also known as the Lady Protector. The paladins turn out to be the Sisters of the Maiden’s Cross. Paladin’s of Muir. The paladin’s are from Lowport region. They have traveled to rout out slaver’s who are bringing persons from Bard’s Gate to Lowpoet.

Janet wants the The Dark Hands to infiltrate Slaver’s Way in the Black Market. A part of town in Bard’s Gate with a bad reputation, not a welcoming area for paladins of Muir.

A bit of flash and fast action. The heroes buy the slaves, but at the hand over a third party brings a squad of soldiers to take the slaves. After the heroes victory their deeds spread through Bard’s Gate and there is much rejoicing!

On board the Summertime

The heroes arrive at Eastgate. Here they rest and recouperate for about a week. Kaelmourn and Obsidian visit the Temple of Freya where Rainbow and Kaelmourn are healed of their lepracy. Kaelmourn seeks guidance from a local sage on the Codex of Order and finds out that there are three Orcas strongholds in the area: Rappan Athuk, Tsaar, and the burial grounds of Thyr and Muir.

Slith arranges passage on the Summertime, a keelboat that is traveling up the Amrin river to Bard’s Gate. Whiile the heroes see off a number of minor threats, one night there are best by an ogre magi who’s greatsword fells many of the heroes and who uses cone of cold to kill Hassan, Rainbow, and Slith. We great effort the Dark Hands are able to finally defeat the ogre magi through the use of alchemy, violence, and faire fire.

The Journey Continues
Some cloud giants are evil

Traveling along at a slow but steady pace, the Dark Hands are slowed greatly by the wagon and its holy load. Upon the road the heroes encounter many farmers, traders, and patrols. However, a young red dragon feasted upon one of the group’s horses, a pair of rocs ate two more, and a cloud giant ambushed the party and almost killed Kaelmourn and Slith, but luckily the giant grew tired of his sport and stalked away laughing.

The Dark Hands did defeat a Gnoll warband and a flock of deadly giant vultures. Also, they beat back and killed three hungry bears. Ifuria’s firebombs were especially useful against the troll that burned at the hands of the Dark Hands.

Setting out for Fair Hill

– The Dark Hands join the Duke of Tilar Brindel’s traveling convoy along their journey to Fair Haven. -

Attacked by fire drakes’s Wind Dancer dies in flames defending the Duke’s convoy.

The heroes meet many merchants and patrols along the road to Fair Haven. Even meeting patrols from as far away as Bard’s Gate.


In a frightful encounter a wyvern decended upon the heroes. Only through Kaelmourn’s magical blinding of the beast, Orgoth’s arrows, Hasan’s chop, and deadly assaults of the other heroes was this mighty beast felled before he mauled Hasan to death.

Fall of the Bloody Fangs

We could not stand. A drow arcanist of incredible might set among us. He came with a matriarch of his race and some of their drow slave races. We would have crushed their ‘eads but we could not stand against the magic. It swept into our ranks causing so many of us to fall heavy with sleep or sending crashing waves of rainbow light into our ranks and stealing the wits of all orcs it touched. Inter-spearsed with the quick attacks of the rat folk and grey dwarves we just could not stand. The matriarch drow healing any damage we could inflict on this band of cut throats who called themselves the Twilight Lords.

We the Bloody Fangs, had gutted the village of Westmere, slain the Wyvern of Ladden’s Reach, and defeated the Worgs of the Undermire, but we fell to these drow and their slaves!

—-The spirit voice of Gramash the Hammer of the Bloody Fangs


The Drow in the Hall
A submission of Peace

The days rolled by and Gorsk was getting better, the cleric we have with us is very skilled. If it had not been for effective care he would have died.
We moved on and descended back into the deep we searched the catacombs and came upon some equipment the Ghast had acquired, a potion some armor and a very well made sword the potion was given to Mr grey, the sword to Kael and the armor went to Gorsk, I hope this helps his ability in defending himself.
As we continued on we found a strange hall lined with mirrors, the end of the hall had a door the double doors were opened by mister grey, inside were 4 heads facing the door we came in, after a thorough search Mr Grey determined they should be turned in to face a diamond in the floor. Gorsk and I moved them, as the last face was turned to the diamond it began to glow. Mr. Grey decided to enter the glow and as he did the glow disappeared and Mr Grey seemed to feel more invigorated. We left and found a hall way with door on the left and right spaced about every 20 feet down the hall. The rooms seemed to be a work space in the past; we found in the room some odd tools we could not figure the use for. As Mr. Grey entered the third room, a scorpion attacked him grabbing securing him with his claws Gorsk stepped up and crushed the creature in a single blow. The cleric healed Mr. Grey and we continued on later I learned he had nearly died then, I didn’t realize how powerful our cleric was. The hall ended in a door Mr Grey found no traps, and opened the door. Inside the door we found a room with several Goblins.
Mr. Greys’ incredible speed with a dagger ended any chance of negotiating with them as Freddy (that’s what the Goblins called him) fell to the ground dead. They froze with fear and Mr grey threw another dagger, his sister Ifera ran into the room with a vile of some flammable material throwing flames about the room. I joined the fight and never landed a blow, Gorsk and Mr. grey killed all of them. We found armor, weapons and arrows, fit only for the sfirnoblen. As Mr Grey searched the area we found a bag with copper, holy water and a few silver. I am not sure why they didn’t give the cleric the holy water but that went to the alchemists.
Mr Grey found a secret door, we moved down the hall and found a stairwell that led up the hall ended in a blank wall. Opening we found a small stream that pooled into a pool 10 to 20 feet around the area was filled with mist Mr. grey was struck by a creature from the mist. He shut the door quickly and left , I guess the ghost in the mist had scared him, luckily it had not greyed him.
We moved on thru another hall and found two secret doors. We took the one to the left and began to hear rantings from down the hall perhaps we have found Fenton. His rant was about Freya the Drow put him to sleep, we removed his gear, after he awoke the drow tried to convince him for atonement to be a servant for 10 years. A human named Vladoff he was a paladin of Freya. His please fell on Def ears for the drow. The Cleric did convince the fellow to follow her for ten years and he would be atoned. I will have to watch these fellows.
We decided to rest for the evening. In the room we found Vladoff in. But later we decided just to go on the secret door that Mr Grey found a secret door that had an animate dead spell, were we found several zombies the Drows slave Orgoth and Gorsk killed the creatures. We found that the statues (totems) were magicked and destroyed them this would keep the dead from being re-animated. We decided to go back to the room and rest for the evening.
Continuing in the morning we moved back thrue the rooms and found a secret door we had marked once inside we found a room filled wth statues of kings and queens. There were several generations represented. We decided to break through one of the doors. Inside we found a chair had been jammed under the door blocking it. Once inside we found the room litered with broken items, it looks as if some goblins and Hobgoblins had fought in the room.
An Ominous site, Mr Grey moved forward and was struck down in a single blow Orgoth ran to the rear and Gorsk ran to help. I could not reach the battle in a single move, it saved my life. Gorsk was struck by a creature which brought him down in a single move, we ran I later found out that it was a undead creature called a wight? As I turned to run I saw Mr Grey stand for a split second I was about to help until the red of his eyes beat down on me with a hatred that pierced the soul, there was nothing I could do. Perhaps another day I would come back to put him to rest, him and Orgoth.
We returned to rest for the evening, the Rat king allowed 2 of his warrior with us. The next morning we moved back to the statue room spiked the door leading to the wight, and chose another door to go thru the two rat folk that joined us searched the room, some sort of crypt the drow guessed. Suddenly the walls broke away and skeletons attacked. The Cleric stepped forward and filled the room with the power of a cleric we found the room to be a dead end. We went back to the statue room and went thru the last door, we came to an intersection to the left the hall caved in to the right it split in a y, forward the choice we took was partially caved in. Moving around it we found a room with several goblins digging. Orgoth moved to speak to them which resulted in a fight , I am not sure what he said but they seemed pretty pissed off at him. One ,a female, seemed to be the leader she had magic ability and took the streangth from orgoth. The fight was short because the drow put them to sleep. We did finish them off in short order. We went to the iron bound doors and one of our new companions Trapper was nearly kill from the lightning that came from it when he tried to open it. We went back to the intersection and turned left and followed the hallway, as it closed in to a 5 foot hall we traveled down until we came to an open room. As we all entered the room, Flim and flam began searching and we were attacked with arrows.

We were attacked by orcs who came out of secret doors out and attacked the “drow” nearly killing him the two rat folk killed one of the orcs and the paladin that has pledged assistance to Obsian killed the other. The pounding on the door has continued through most of the evening in the morning we deciding to go thru we were greated by 4 orcs they really didn’t stand a chance. They were cut down by sleep from the drow. And dispatched by Flim and Flam. They spent the day searching the room, I am quit surprised it takes so long to search the room, but it must be that way since Mr Grey also took this amount of time, while waiting we were attacked by 3 ghouls. Flim was paralyzed by the beast Orgoth killed one as it moved in to attack him and I and Flam finished the two we had.

As we moved further on we ran into a group of Drow, Kael sat and talked with them it seemed to not be going well. We decided not to confront them, I guess at a later date we may need pass here again. I will be sure to be ready.

The Ogre King and the Rat Folk (true folk)
do I trust the drow

As we the Dwellers Of The Dark (DOTD) began traveling on the road heading north we heard a small child crying in the woods. The group after a long debate decided to take the child back to the tavern and let the trap maker try and talk the inn keeper into keeping it. Obsidian the cleric and the new “drow” were adamant on not paying. To our amazement they took the child in.

We found that if we would have comforted it (the child) it probably would have kept quiet. The cleric has decided she will keep them quiet; there must be many of them since everyone in the outer realms, seem to know what to do with them. The Innkeeper offered us a place to stay whenever we passed this way and gave us room and board for the day. He gave us the best room in the place, the child must have been very important. I did not tell the rest of the group, I feared the “drow” may cause trouble with the inn if he knew.
Late that evening, we left the inn and made the trek back to where we had found the boy. About half way there we found an orc that had been attacked and dumped alongside the road we buried Gorsk’s kin and the cleric Obsidian said a prayer over him with an added emphasis that if had been the one to leave the child homeless she prayed he rot in hell, continuing on we found the point where the child had left the woods.

Traveling thru the woods the Trap Maker started checking for traps but was extremely slow so the “drow” and Gorsk pushed on. The trap maker told the group we would regret that at a future date, it would be me that found that true. We found a trail and followed it until we found a pond and were attacked. Several small creatures threw darts at us, they seemed to rain from the sky as we rolled and dodged catching us by surprise. They turned out to be a flying humanoid. Perhaps they come from the walled town the boy had mentioned? After the attack we followed the trail along the creek and found our way back to the road.
There we saw the remains of what we believed to be the creature’s mother and a wagon. Searching we found the spoiled body of a woman, the cleric had us bury her and said a prayer over her. I am not sure why.

We moved into the dungeon and found the Trap maker is rather paranoid. The steps from the gate leading up to the first room took more then ½ a day to check for traps. I moved ahead and waited at the top until the group finally met me at the top I had spotted a ghoul hiding in the room the barbarian Gorsk rushed to the attack. the ghoul hit him and he could not move. I had warned them, I am not sure why the others in the party have such problems with the creatures. The slave of Orgoth thru an odd sort of spear and killed the ghoul, not giving me the chance to even get into the room. The trap master had wasted most of the day with the steps, and secret door searching, we decided to go out and rest for the evening.

The next day we moved further into the cave, the smell of the stone was familiar to me and I felt at home it has been months since I felt the peace of the stone above me. We found a shrine of sorts, a statue of Orcus stood in a room, the ½ orc and Orgoth the slave of “the Drow” began beating the thing cracking it into pieces. We also found in the room a bedroll, the cleric and the trap maker found a lock box in the furs. As they began studying it an orc with two dogs came in and attacked the cleric, the mage and the trap maker. A single blow from the orc brought the mage down blood splattering everywhere. If not for the cleric I am sure it would have been her demise. In the future I will be sure to be between her and the enemy. The “Drow” moved behind me, I do not know if it was to finish me off or to protect himself. He cast a spell that downed the orc. I will have to keep a better eye on him. We prevailed over the group with one of the dogs running away. There was no reason to chase the creature, it just did its job.

Past the room we found a garbage pit, in the pit we found a small passage leading out it led to the northeast a passage, about 60 feet led on to an empty cave about 30 to 40 feet in diameter. Two paths led out one to the N and one to the SE we opted to take the northern route, and wouldn’t you know it I tripped a club trap of some sort that slammed into me. Perhaps we should have the trap master checking intersection and doorways in the futurehad him checking ahead. Just above the intersection was a chute that led up as far as we could see. We turned left and followed the hall until we came to a room with a sand pile in it? There was no exit from the room just the pile of sand the slave Ogoth of the “drow” began digging thru the sand. As he and Gorsk approached the pile several spiders erupted from it attacking the slave and Gorsk. Ogoth the slave ran as Gorsk attacked the spiders I engaged the ones beside him the mage and the cleric dispatched two of the creatures with range weapons the alchemist is very good with her aim. After the initial attacked we regained our composure and finished the creatures off we found nothing in the pile, but the trap maker hopes to check it as we next rest.

We left the room and found a trap, it was poorly set and fell to my left. The trap master disassembled and tried to move the trap but we were attacked by several kabolds, I found that even the svirnoble had a hatred of creatures even the trap maker could not resist the urge to attack them. The kabold would not stop their attack so the group moved in to attack with me in the lead. I rushed one knocking him to the ground, as I drew the kabolds attacks to myself the others moved forward to attack. As the battle dwindled down quickly I held the last kabold to the ground by the tail I turned to asked the Svirnoble what to do before I could get the words out of my mouth, the Trap maker viciously struck him in the head with his dagger over and over again, they should not have attacked us. We returned to the sand room to rest for the evening. At the chute I was attacked by a magical hand reaching out from the dark. The slave Ogoth saved me with his great axe.

Our rest was interrupted by 6 goblins who tried to sneak in and steal from us, they were captured by the trap Trap master had set, the “drow” and Ogoth interrogated them. For what seemed like hours. We did find out there was an ogre and a dragon in charge. We could not determine the kind of dragon it was. The goblins fear echoed thru the dungeon as we released them and they ran off. Sleep was not the best that evening. Tossing and turning we awoke the morning feeling a sense of dread from the knowledge of a dragon and an ogre that brought fear to all goblins.

We returned to the kabold room, as we left it we found another room that was lit, it had an exit from cave to the north, and a passage west that led to another chamber. The chamber had four kabolds kneeling before an alter before I could move, the Trap master rushed the room followed by thew slave Orgoth, and Gorsk dispatching with the creatures before they even had the chance to rise from their knees. I destroyed the statue they had been worshiping and as we were finishing we were attacked by a larger group I must have been cursed because I could not hit and strangely found myself curling up to sleep, even in the battle it must have been because of having no rest the evening before. I am not sure what happened afterwards, I awoke from my rest with all of the kabolds dead with their throats slit. I am sure trap master and his sister had something to do with it.

We trenched further thru the caves and came to a large lake with three islands. The slave Orgoth decided to swim out to an island, he climbed to the top and seemed to be searching around. Later would learn he had found a box with a key hole in it. He came back down and tried swimming to another island he was attacked by a creature in the water, I tried swimming out to him and nearly died myself. If it had not been for Gorsk pulling me back I would have been in the same boat as Orgoth. The cleric spent many of her spells getting me conscious. Once I was conscious I came up with an idea of shooting Orgoth with a barbed arrow and pulling him in we did manage to save him, we brought him back to the sand room. I am not sure I trust the “drow” he slept his comrade, I am not so sure if he felt him not worth the trouble and thought we would not try to save him if he looked dead.

We had visitors again this evening, Sturgis, and during my guard shift they attacked; four of them. I am wondering if perhaps Gorsk and myself have not been cursed from destroying the statuettes earlier. Perhaps I am correct; we came back to the statue of orc that we originally destroyed.

We continued on to the entrance and took the other route. We came to a room with a creature sitting on a throne. He sneered as we entered, an ogre perhaps the one the Goblins had mentioned earlier. The “drow” used his diabolical spell and the ogre fell unconscious, from nowhere, the gnome flashed by and ran to kill the ogre he did not have the strength to do the job, the battle was a blur from there he swung at the trap master and missed the trap master. The barbarian held the giant so the trap master could run as he finished his swing the giant caught him in the back of the head as Gorsk tried to run. I am sure the “drow” yelling at the ogre you can swing at him still encouraging him to hit Gorsk as he ran. The little trust he has gained so far was lost in a flash at that moment. If it were not for the luck of a Halfling crafted heavy crossbow that’s bolt found its way to the giant’s heart it would have ended badly. The giant had nothing a disappointment considering all of the ogres I have ever seen carried great sums of coins, perhaps he was young and that is why he was so easy to dispatch.

We moved to the east and crossed a great ravine on a narrow overpass and ran into a tribe of rat folk we tried using diplomacy to pass thru there area to find Fenton, they knew of him and we were surprised to find he was still alive and below these levels after a long wait he told us how to find him. He directed us back to the lake were we would meet him and he would lead us further down. Vespar was the leaders name, he wanted us to tell him the story of the ogres battle we took him back to the room and acted it out to their great glee we must have told them the story 10 to 20 times over. Finally we went back to the lake and waited for Vespar to return. We did make good friends with the tribe, I am sure it was because of the svirnoblin and their playful attitude.
Vespar led us to a crypt, the second sarcophagus from the left on the south side found our way down. He made sure to point out the direction of the dragon, who we found out was a black dragon, I decided to go down because Vespar would have kept us there for hours talking, and trying to convince us to take the dragon, down we went. The passage was a thin metal staircase that twisted making it difficult to see ahead I led as we descended deeper. As we reached the bottom there was a door that opened into a mausoleum. The smell of the dank area was rancid.

Opening the door we found ourselves in an underground graveyard with several mausoleums the quietness of the cemetery was deafening. As we started to move the trap master saw something move in the distance we moved down the hall, unfortunately we left the Obsidian cleric vulnerable as we moved forward, the ghast took great pleasure in his attack against her. Before we knew it she was on the ground quickly the group returned to her aide. The Slave Orgoth’s strange spears and a javelin from Gorsk saved her life. that won’t happen again I talked to Gorsk and told him I will stay with the cleric if we have to move like that again. She is our only healing, so she needs to be looked after.

We returned to the sand room, and rested a day. I believe we may have to go to the city because Gorsk is ill does not seem to be getting any better. i am not sure the cleric will make it either if we don’t go back for a cleric.


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