The Lost Lands

Endhome begins
It Begins again...

A new group of hero rise to face the evils of the world.

They all seem to come from the dark places in the earth. On their way to Endhome they come across a farmer taking his pears to Endhome to sell, who is under attack by bandits. They drive the bandits off and assist the farmer in getting to Endhome.

Mr Grey/Jeramy – Gorsk/Sam – Drumer Dink (DD)/Brad – Obisdian Shard/Carlene – Eyfura/Angela

11-07-2015 Barakus – Sundered Kingdoms
Met Farmer Smith who had a load of pears from his farm a couple of days outside of Endhome. He vouches for us at the gate and we go to the trade district area 2. The person who bought Farmer Smith’s pears pointed us toward Heaven’s Gate
Barnkey asks us what kind of adventure we are looking for. Mr. Grey says the kind to disable traps, I can make them as well. Barnkey hasn’t really heard of that kind of adventure but does tell us that lady over there needs assistance finding her husband. We go talk to her, find out her name is Penelope. Her husband is Fenton and has been missing for over a year, although a recent dream leads her to believe he is still alive. He went exploring caves N of Endhome. They are old caves where Orcs used to live a long time ago.

We also find out there is a bounty for the Head of Green Tree Bandits. The leader is wanted. We go see the head of the watch, Bragger, at the barracks. Grey asked which he took as an insult Bragger how he got his position. He then wanted to fight Grey. It didn’t go well and he ended up saying it would be better if he didn’t come back to the city.

On the way out Grey says something to the guard about bragger being grumpy and the guard says you need not come back especially if you haven’t learned any manners.

We leave Endhome. We find some ghouls, they pose abit of a problem, but we do dispatch them. During DD’s watch he talks to someone, who hurried off after the speech. We saw Farmer’s REst West of Endhome and run into Penprie’s Forrest Inn North of Endhome who we figure out has the same owner. Gorsk asks about the Dusk Moon Hills. The barkeep just tells Gorsk I’ve heard nothing since the green folk have been driven out. When we show him the wanted poster he says he has seen that guy before he eats here once in a while. He seems to ask us if we are hear as an advance scouting party or part of a raiding party. WE try to assure him not.

We face 3 dire rats and dispatch them pretty easily. We get 11-12ish miles away from the inn a half mile to the E we see a tower. The road splits off to the right is toward the tower to the left is toward the Dusk Moon Hills. We find a good place to camp. Grey makes some rat kabobs. Our sleep session is uneventful. We are tending to our start of day ministrations when we hear the howl of wolves. When asked what that is Gorsk says it’s delicious and it’s coming to us. Which they did and came quickly to their death.

Here is Xoshak now...

Stefan/Jeramy – Zarakos/Sam – Dryth/Brad – Isnot/Carlene – Zinara/Angela

Stefan, Zarakos, Dryth, & Isnot go back to the temple to find Ben on the altar w/ his entrails & haeart on the hand of the orcus statue. Zinara lays unmoving on the platform with the 3 high priests.

Round 1
The battle opens with Zarakos sending a fireball in the midst of the acolytes. It wasn’t very effective, but it did do some dmg. Shadows mv up, the higher looking acolytes mv back. Isnot fires her bow & takes out an acolyte. Stefan casts True Strike. The next thing the good guys know it is super quiet. Zarakos & Stefan go blind. Stefan becomes filled with dread (shaken).
Round 2
Zarakos slowly backs up until he can hear. Dryth mvs back grabbing Zarakos, and casts anti corporeal. Shadows disappear. Isnot says, although nobody can hear it, the shadows went away. She uses her bow again to take out another acolyte the other arrow misses so bad it hits Zarakos’ scorpion familiar doing 13 pts of dmg. Stefan casts acid arrow. Some other casting happen & then the ogres go in to attk Isnot. Bob hits Isnot doing some dmg. Stefan & Zarakos get held.
Round 3
Zarakos makes the sv on his turn for a full rnd act. Dryth casts Holy Smite taking out quite a few acolytes. Isnot gets hit by 4 flails hovering in mid air. Isnot starts to go after the ogres taking 1 of them out. Stefan doesn’t take any action.
Round 4
Zarakos holds his init. Dryth mvs/pulling Zarakos as well, who doesn’t resist. 3 shadows come out of the ground & attk Isnot doing 4 pts of Str dmg. Dude from acid dmg is done w/ taking it. Stefan spends rnd releasing himself from being held. A black ray out of a hovering hand which misses Isnot. Ben gets up off of the altar and starts mving toward the group.
Round 5
Zarakos holds init. Dryth channels & hurts the shadows pretty good. The other shadows come up out of the ground. Stuff happens.
Round 6
Zarakos holds, Isnot falls back near Dryth. Dryth’s shield is negated. Shadows come in, other stuff happens.
Round 7
Zarakos holds. Dryth channels and takes out another 2 shadows. Ogre comes in. Shadows attk Trying to take Dryth out, thanks to being Assimar and an alternate racial trait he is able to resist, 5 pts per hit. (Bob’s ruling is he loses 7 pts of str instead of 19. 2 hits were over 5, two hits were under 5). Priests & Ben mv forward. Stefan does nothing. Big priests mv forward. Vroc flies toward party. Middle guys mv to door. Vroc comes in.
Round 8
Zarakos readies to cast haste when silence is gone. Dryth channels taking out all but 1 shadow. Shadow misses Dryth. High Acolytes mv forward w/ zombie. Isnot lays there. HIgh guys mv right behind high acolytes. Ogre tries to hit Dryth & misses.
Round 9
Zarakos readies to cast haste when silence is gone. Dryth channels taking out last shadow. Flails take onw last shot and dissappear after hitting Dryth 2 times for 9 pts of dmg. Isnot relizes the situation she is in does nothing. Stefan does nothing. Vroc mvs up behind medium acolytes & starts dancing. Ogre hits Dryth for 16 pts of dmg.
Round 10
Zarakos casts haste. Dryth casts holy smite. It does 18 dmg to the Vroc, and 16 dmg to the acolytes, takes out Zombie Ben. Isnot stays on floor. Stefan does nothing. Ogre misses Dryth. Stuff happens.
Round 11
Zarakos begins summoning 3 hell hounds. Dryth casts hly ice dagger. all the baddies mv up. Isnot tells Dryth she is really weak. Stefan does nothing. Electicity bursts out of the Vroc to EVERYONE w/in 100’ 13 pts to Dryth, 27 pts to Zarakos, Isnot takes enough dmg to be at 0 hp & is staggered, Stefan takes 27 dmg, the bad guys take dmg too, the 4 acolytes & ogre drop. A hand touches Dryth, but nothing happens.
Round 12
Zarakos says Orcus take pity on me great Orcus I have seen the light. Dryth channels excluding Zarakos & the ogre for 25 pts. Big baddie says come to me to Zarakos. High acolytes mv up behind ogre & are becconing to Zarakos. Isnot says take my potion of fly. Stefan finally acts & says I’m blind. main guy says bring all our new acolytes. Dryth has to make a will save & makes it.
Round 13
Zarakos mvs toward med acolytes. med acolytes surround Zarakos & mv him toward big priests 10’. Dryth takes fly potion & flies toward Zinara but ends mvment @ Vroc. Isnot lays there. Stefan ties to ready an action to hit something nearing him (he is blind). The Vroc produces a cloud which dmgs Dryth.
Round 14
Dryth gets to Zinara. Acolytes mv Zarakos near to Vroc. Isnot lays there. Stefan turns around & tries to make his way out. Stuff happens
Round 15
Dryth channels 23 pts to Zinara & takes wands. High priests come toward Dryth & Zinara right past bridge. Vroc starts mving back too & gets pretty close.
Round 16
Dryth uses lesser restoration wand restoring 2 str to Zinara. Main guys says to high priests wait here & mvs forward & channels
Round 17
Dryth channels for 19 & mvs toward Vroc. I use fervor to swift cast sanctuary & then stalwart resolve (both 1 rnd/lvl). Acolytes chant around Zarakos. Isnot takes potions. Vroc lands on Dryth & attks him.
Round 18
Dryth fails his concentration check. Zinara gets up & mvs toward Isnot trying to avoid baddies. Stuff happens. Priests have Zarakos on floor saying some stuff. Vroc tries to attk Dryth 5 times hitting twice then goes poof. Big baddie channels negative energy doing 7. Something goes on w/ Stefan. Isnot continues to mv out.
Round 19
Dryth tanglefoot bombed main baddie who fails Ref save being glued to floor for 5 rnds. Spend this round to get myself in position to run. high priests get caught in tanglefoot bag. Acolytes are chanting & Zarakos is following them. Isnot stays put. Nothing happens w/ Stefan.
Round 20
Dryth goes toward Isnot. I fall through trap & land prone 150’ down. priests are doing something @ cravasse. Isnot tries to mv. & taunts big baddie, who hits Isnot w/ morningstar for 9 pts to which her response is ooh baby tickle me some more. Who misses on his turn. Stefan misses Xoshak.
Round 21
Dryth uses flies in takes AoO 23 pts dmg then give 3 pts str to Isnot. Zinara casts light big stone to right to left stone wall, but can see glow from cravasse and gets up. Zarakos is still prostrating himself. big baddie misses Dryth. Stefan has stuff w/ Xoshak
Round 22
Dryth flies up away from Isnot. I try to stealthily mv around big stone I mv, but not w/ stealth. Isnot does nothing. big baddie turns on Isnot w/ critical (taking card) normal dmg & 2 Con. Stefan goes unconsious. Zarakos prostrates.
Round 23
Dryth shoots w/ lt xbow hits big baddie for 6 pts. Continue to mv around big stone light shines on creature a roper I take 3 pts str. Isnot shrugs off backpk & stands.
Round 24
Dryth gives 25 hp to Isnot. Zinara mv back 20’ cast magic circle vs. evil. Isnot does nothing. big baddie hits zinara 2x for dmg. Xoshak come flying into Dryth’s view, to which Dryth.
Round 25
Dryth shoots cleric again for 8 pts dmg. Zinara cast spiritual wpn which misses. Isnot draws dagger. Dryth takes enough dmg to die.
Round 26
Zinara casts 1 last spiritual wpn then succombs to str dmg upon which the roper eats me. Isnot kills herself.

Fleeing the Temple of Orcus
You were warned...

After freeing the slaves that the Priests of Orcus used as their daily sacrifices, the party left Dryth and Isnot to guard and comfort the people they had freed. Most taken by Orc or Gnoll bandits and turned over to the Temple Priests.

The pushed into the main chamber of the Temple and were faced by a zombie horde. They fled to the tunnel into the underdark and waited a day for the zombies to either come to them, fall in the pit or leave the area. When they came back the zombies were gone. They checked on Dryth and Isnot and they had barricaded themselves in the cell that held the sacrifices. The prisoners had panicked and would not enter the cell and were torn to shreds by the horde.

Dryth and Isnot retreated into the Underdark, while the rest of the party continued into the main chamber of the temple. There they found several zombies, skeletons, a couple of ogres, and and several priests. After a huge battle the raiders moved into a corridor that took them to the living quarters of several priests. They had a small battle with a few priests who escaped their fate with obscuring mist.

The raiders fond a stairway up. It was a long stairwell that ended at a wall. After some examination the group decided that this is the other side of the door that the demon guards on the entrance level of the burial halls. They decided not to open the door and decided to move down to the inner Temple of Orcus.

The group made a plan and opened the door to the inner temple. Before opening the door they placed a silent image of the door closed on the inside of the temple. The group then had the ability to act before they enemies knew they were there.

Benjamin acted first and rushed past many priests to confront the High Priest near the alter. Xoshak was right behind him always at the forefront of the battle. Nyktan and Zenara defended the bridge from the bypassed priests while Sargoth crossed the bridge to support Benjamin and Xoshak.

There were three Priests on the dais around the alter. Benjamin attacked one and Xoshak flanked him. As the group began their assault upon the inner temple six shadows flew out of the crevasse the bridge spanned. They attacked the group relentlessly. Sargoth fell to the shadows in just a few rounds, Zenara fell to the weight of her armor and equipment, and two priests forced something down her throat and she lost consciousness. Benjamin was also captured.

Xoshak seeing the writing on the wall decided to flee the inner temple and with his ring of blink we passed through the wall and fled back to the underdark to connect with Dryth and Isnot.

Nyktan refusing to become a shadow or be captured by the priests of Orcus lept into the crevasse and dropped 150 to a cavern below. He healed himself the best he could and began to explore the cavern where he landed. He discovered several ropers and he was stuck by a tentacle which caused him to lose even more strength. He passed out and never felt the teeth that consumed him.

That night as Zenara regained consciousness, she found that she and Benjamin were in the cell they had freed the prisoners from before. The priests came for them and they were too weak to resist as they were carried to the alter, where two priests of good gods were sacrificed to the Lord of Undeath.

The Temple of Orcus
Gluttons for Punishment

After resting near the lair of the Lich for a few days, the party decided to track down the Behir they had seen tracks for.

They tracked it down in it lair and killed the beast. Afterward they found a tunnel that took them out of the dungeon. They then decided to return to Bard’s Gate to rest, take the unstoned adventurers they saved back to civilization. They stayed in the city a couple of days, and did some selling and buying.

Afterward they returned to the tunnel they left the dungeon through. They explored the rest of that level and went back to the level above. They approached the glowing idol, and their were froglike humanoids around the idol.

They began a conversation with their follows of the Frog God and they found they had a common goal of destroying the Temple of Orcus above. They were taken to the head priest of the Frog God and he allowed them to live for their promise to destroy the Temple of Orcus.

Nyktan asked about Abysthor but the priest said he was none of their business. He obviously new of Abysthor but would not give any information. Although, he made them another offer. He would tell them of Abysthor if the party would convert to the Frog God. They choose not to take that offer.

The priest set up a guide for the group and clothing to disguise them as slime merchants and they were escorted to the Under Realms. The priest told them that there is another way into the Temple of Orcus, which is through the Under Realms. This was a long journey, at least a mile down through the tunnels from the Temple of the Frog God, then past a huge structure they told was called the Eye of the Titan, later they entered an Under Realms city. They stayed hidden within their disguises as slime merchants as their frog like guards led them through the city.

On the other side of the city the group was shown a tunnel. They were told this tunnel led up to the Temple of Orcus. A couple of the guards changed their garb to look like merchants and the Froggie escort went back into the city, taking the slime with them.

The group followed the tunnel until they felt the need to rest. They cast rope trick and they hid within that space for the night. During an early shift a small stealthy humanoid snuck by their resting place. This one was very difficult to see even with dark vision. In later shifts no other incursions were noticed.

After rest the group continued up the tunnel and they came to a pit that seemed endless below them. Their was a very narrow, slippery ledge that led upward and at the top of the ledge their were ogres. As the battle ensued between the group and the ogres, some of the group passed through the line of ogres and were confronted by Priests of Orcus. They had arrived at their goal. The group destroyed the ogres and the foul priests they had encountered, and began to explore the temple… They moved cautiously through the caves and caverns having twice before being repelled by the Priest of the foul god…

Unofficial Deity Conversion

Abadar = Thyr (order, justice)/Sefagreth (business, banking)
Asmodeus = Hecate (magic)/Asmodeus (rulership of Hell)
Calistria = Darach-Albith (elves)/Moccavallo (trickery, revenge)/Bast (sensuality, lust)
Cayden Cailean = Pekko (also Snorri Horrnison for dwarves of Clan Targ)
Desna = Tykee
Erastil = Freya
Gorum = Bowbe (Gromm the Thunderer would also fit pretty well)
Gozreh = Telophus (nature, weather, seasons)/Quell (the seas)
Iomedae = Muir
Irori = Belon the Wise (loses the martial aspect but keeps the traveler and mysterious foreign traveler bits)
Lamashtu = Tiamat (the Primeval Mother really fits the role of Lamashtu)
Nethys = Jamboor (mysterious spooky magic with just a hint of death thrown in for flavor)
Norgorber: Blackfingers = Set/Father Skinsaw = Orcus/The Gray Master = Mirkeer/The Reaper of Reputation = Grox
Pharasma = Da-Jin
Rovagug = Dajobas
Sarenrae = Mitra
Shelyn = Zadastha
Torag = Dwerfater
Urgathoa = Hel
Zon-Kuthon = Demogorgon (not just the traditional demon lord aspect owned by WotC – see Mountains of Madness to see the cool stuff we’re doing with ol’ Two-Heads)
Achaekek = Rachiss
Gogunta = Tsathogga
Razmir = Nergal (particularly his dominance over the mysterious Huun Imperium to be explored in future Lost Lands products)
Aroden = Arden

Tales of the Raiders, Part 2
The Tales of Arryn Rumblefoot

Lo, and then did the Great Hero liberate those who were turned stone by use of the blood of the beasts that lay at his feet, for his compassion was as great in his heart as his heroism, and this story would never be told lest the Hero of the Hundreds free its teller from granite clutches.

Then, after the beasts were slain and the people saved, did adventurers Leopold and Ben come unto the Raiders, and once again were the Rangers made whole.

And spake the wizard McRath, having so recently been freed, and said “Yea, and do I believe that the way forward shall be guarded by the amphipious ones.”

And mighty Xoshak spake saying, “Long have I known this, yet have I bode my time waiting for the appropriate time, and speak you too soon. Instead, do I believe the way shall be in the direction of my pointing, for there is a way to the north left unvanquished by my perilous blade.”

And therefore McRath remained silent, having been so mildly chastised by the great Xoshak.

Then proceedethed the Raiders into the cave, ever so more deeply, and came upon a portion of tunnel where the earth had been churned as though it were butter. And wise Xoshak spake, saying “Lo, I perceive that the mages and the priests among us are weary, having battled with such vigor. And so do I advise that we should rest, and recover, before proceeding.” And the raiders agreed with Xoshak, and followed him to a place of safety, and rested, taking each their shift in turn.

And during the night, the place of the churned earth did resound with the scratching of those that tunnel. But, though beneath the earth the beasts did stir, not a one did attack the Raiders, for woe unto him that set himself against the fierce Xoshak and his band.

Come the morn did Xoshak lead his band through the churned earth, and the beasts did not rise to challenge him, for all know the might of Xoshak and his band.

Past the churned earth did the Raiders find a room, its ceiling checkered and cracked as though stricken by a great maul, and the hum of the sturges did fill the room. And lo, sturges being weak of mind, did they fall upon the Raiders.

One did fall upon Isnot, who dodged with alacrity despite her heavy armor. Benjamin, Greanne, and Leopold were set upon mightily. One also attacked this chronicler, who was fortunate in the Grace of Xoshak. After the moment of surprise, then did the Raiders end the foul beasts, as mighty Xoshak had commanded them.

The Raiders did continue, until coming unto a room with a statue of a creature unknown to the Raiders, save Nyktan Warclaw, who spoke and named the thing Choker, but no statue caused mighty Xoshak to fear, and the Raiders did continue onward toward their sacred mission.

Next came the Raiders unto a room where the stones hung from the ceiling like great, sharp spikes. And on the wall, on either side, lay an entrance to a tunnel crosswise, and Nyktan the Skald, whose stories ring second only to my own, did climb to the tunnel, and there did see a gross of Chokers in the flesh.

“Ware!” shouted Nyktan, “For the statue which greeted us was but a warning, and within this cave are the Chokers themselves.” The beasts did move with great speed towards Nyktan, but being fleet of both foot and mind, and having been found worthy by peerless Xoshak himself, did Nyktan let loose his battle cry and draw forth his two-handed blade before the monsters could , moving alone into the fray, and did he lay about him mightily, countless strokes with the speed of lightning and the force of thunder, and the Chokers did cry in pain but did not fall.

The Chokers then set upon valiant Nyktan, reaching their tentacled limbs for his throat but finding purchase only on his body.

Benjamin, seeking to aid his companion, did throw a hook with rope attached. But as the Raiders prepared to come to their companion’s defense, did more Chokers come forth from the other cavern, and did those Chokers descend onto the Raiders. And Isnot did kill the first of many, but the others did come.

Xoshak then did shout loudly, his charge in danger, and did command young Benjamin to harden his stance. When Benjamin had done so, swift Xoshak did run to Benjamin, and did leap from his shoulders toward one of the great stone spikes, a full twenty-five feet above the floor, and did survey the scene within the cavern from his new great height.

“Lo!” said stalwart Xoshak, “Nyktan, hold and be hardy, for I shall assist ye in but a moment!”
And Nyktan heard the words of his leader and friend, and did take heart, though he was set upon mightily by the Chokers, and did call upon his magics to free himself from their grasp, but the Chokers remained adamant and came back onto Nyktan, wrapping their hands now about the thews of his neck and squeezing, that the very breath of life was taken from him.

Meanwhile Variel, seeing the mighty defense of Isnot, did work her magic upon the Orcish titan, causing her to grow to mighty proportions, and Isnot did strike heavily with her flail, laying into the horde of Chokers.

Now Xoshak did leap from his pillar of stone into the cave entrance, coming at last to the rescue of the choking Nyktan, and did strike into the Choker who had pinned down the woeful Nyktan, who, taking heart, did break free once again to taste the air of life.

And then did I, in my humble action, call forth my simple power, and did layer a stone pillar in the slick fat of the hog, causing a mere one of the Chokers to fall from the ceiling to his death.

Nyktan having broken free of his captor, did Xoshak then become the target of the Chokers, but Xoshak’s alacrity did prove more difficult for the beasts to grasp than that of his loyal friend. So did the Chokers fail to grasp swift Xoshak, leaving him free to strike again.

And Isnot, now in hugeness, did pursue the Chokers from the rear, who seeing her mighty form. But instead of climbing, Isnot used her greatness instead to lift Benjamin to the lip of the cave, that he may pursue the last of the vermin. And Greanne did work her healing upon wounded Nyktan, soothing him with the powers of her sacred faith.

Now Nyktan moved to safety and drew forth his bow of yew, making ready to pepper arrows to his formed attackers, and the Chokers struggled to place even a scratch on Xoshak.

And Mcrath, cowardly and timid, did loose a torrent of mist, that the Raiders were unable to see anything upon the ground, and did scream in his cowardice. And the reason for his desire to face mere frogs became clear, for thought Mighty Xoshak had thought him worthy, as he had faced before the basilisk which had so challenged the Raiders, Mcrath’s wretched miserliness of spirit became now apparent.

Even though Mcrath’s cowardice loosed confusion upon the Raiders, brave Xoshak’s blade flashed through the chokers, delivering only death to the beasts who had sought to take the breath of life from the Raiders. And then did the Raiders collect armor and weapons, left behind in the ages past, when the heroes of old did fall under the fingers of these beasts before Xoshak and his celebrated Raiders did free the world of this ever-looming danger.
Freshly girded, then did the Raiders set forth, ever deeper and deeper, that the world around them would be safe from the malice before them. But before the Raiders could continue, came they upon a tunnel too small for any but I to fit in, for as a Halfling I stood not as tall as the others. And came I upon a room with many sarcophagi, and great was the setting, and upon reporting back did the Raiders squeeze their way through the tunnel, removing armor and dragging their gear behind them.

Then onward pressed the Raiders, past the sarcophagi of old with all respect, and Isnot did fall through the floor, which dropped beneath her in dastardly trap, causing the Raiders to pass through a great pit in the floor.

Then came they to giant doors of brass, adorned in figures of celestials of old and bedecked on either side with rune-cased obelisks. But the tunnel in which the Raiders walked continued past these great Doors. And “Lo!” spake munificient Xoshak, “Should we return to these doors, for I believe that this tunnel shall emerge onto know territories, and I believe that we must press forward, that we find our path without need of crawling. And the Raiders saw that he was wise, and passed the door.

Another pit trap, this one deftly avoided by spry Xoshak, and did the tunnel connect back to known territory, which Xoshak had wisely predicted. So now came the Raiders to the doors, the great doors which before they had moved past.

Then Benjamin, holy follower of Muir, did commune with his Goddess, who saw the holy nature of the quest pursued by Benjamin and his great chieftain Xoshak, and did part the way before the Raiders, showing her love of their pursuit of duty and granting her blessing to the path they trod.

And then, in the room before them, lay more sarcophagi of a hero of yore. The walls spoke of a great teacher, Flail, and a knight, Bannor, both great heroes of Muir, those from who greath Xoshak had inherited her spirit and his will for valor. And there, on the bier beyond the sarcophagi, lay great Flail, his body ever-lit in the holiness of Muir and untouched by the ravages of time.

But only Benjamin and Nyktan, the Raiders who followed Muir, were allowed by the Goddess to pass into her holy shrine. They bore Xoshak’s good wishes for Flail and all his followers to his bier, and laid the respects of all the Raiders within.

So onward pressed the Raiders, into further parts unknown. Once again, skilled Xoshak brought forth his map and led the Raiders through the subterranean terrors. With the Raiders assembled in full, and with the support of the refugees, through burdened with craven McRath, Xoshak put forth that the assembled Raiders should assault the cultists of Orcus, for lo were the Raiders at their greatest strength, and to strike at the heart of evil was the greatest desire of the terrible Xoshak.

But, hark at the cowardice of the followers of Orcus, for knowind dread Xoshak hunted their very existence, a wall they had erected a full forty feet in thickness, sealing their temple off from the outside world and preventing Xoshak’s entry.

So onward the Raiders went, now through the waters deep. Through a tunnel submerged the Raiders swam, and came they to an area neverbefore seen by man in thousands of years. And in this cavern rested a foul lake of tepid water, filled with fungus, and behind the lake lay a glowing idol in the form of a corpulescent toad, the likes of which caught the interest of intrepid Xoshak and his band. The lake itself swam with frogs, darting throughout the rank, desecrated waters they called home. Frog_Lake.bmp

Then descended the Raiders further, and upon their descent they were met by a thunderous sound, and Xoshak turned to his Raiders, then sayeth “Halt, friends! For I perceive that peril shall await any who should traverse these steps, and I fear that all of us should be in danger should we perceive. Allow me to venture forth alone, that I may absorb this punishment on behalf of ye all, for I would be loathe to see in inflicted upon you.”Frog_Idol.bmp

So Xoshak walked forth, and into the depths did he proceed. And we was met with blasts of acid, and cold, and curses of evil, and taking the pain of these traps onto his body. For brave Xoshak’s body alone stood sacrifice for his people, and upon it was wrecked the wrath of a hundred such magical, foul traps.

At the end, he stood, and beckoned his party forth, saying “I have made the way safe for you, and beg you to follow, sheltered from the storm I have taken upon myself.” And his Raiders did follow, hearkening unto the selflessness and bravery of their leader and in awe of his staunchness.

And then did Isnot come upon a pit full of rats. Betham the Diviner wished a corpse, and Isnot did lay forth bait in the form of the mushroom of the cave-orcs, which caused a swarm of rats. Being merely pests, and not evil in their own right, noble Xoshak bid his Raiders to not bring death to the rats, but rather to byoass them in favor of more worthy enemies.
In a cavern of smooth, still water, a wad of slime in greenish color fell upon Isnot, burning her and sending her running. The Raiders responded, each in their own way. Some brought water, some brought grease, some cast their magics. Woefully, I realized that only fire should purge this foul substance from my friend, and then did I use a bag of fire built by alchemists using their ancient secrets, coating fair Isnot in flame, searing the slime and her flesh with it. The gracious orc did forgive me, for I had potentially saved her life, but warily did I step, for it is not without reason that the forerunners of my people have given great caution against the ignition of orcs who do not then die, as they are known to hold their grievances long and take vengeance great.

The next cavern held another pool, and by this pool massive three-toed prints caused the Raiders to ponder the nature of the creature they had only begun to hunt. For lo, did it become apparent to the Raiders that they pursued a Behir. Behir-2.bmp

But before they could track the dire creature, the Raiders did come unto a room in which the great histories of the past were writ large upon the walls in a language most ancient. Then did they rest, for all chose to rest there and learn the secrets of yore.

Upon awaking, did bright Drythe summon his priestly magics and determine that the walls told of the Sorceror King Greymag, a king who ruled these lands some ten thousand years past. Upon trying to exit, the walls of Greymag’s tomb erupted with the wrapped corpses of old. Into battle the Raiders leapt, with mighty Isnot leading the charge, swinging about her with her great flail.

The mummies set upon the Raiders from all sides, spreading death and sickness. When the battle had cleared, Xoshak himself, along with brave Isnot, heroic Nyktan, Leopold, Greanna, and Betham had taken ill from the rot of the mummies themselves. The craven Mcrath fell prey to his fear and fell, shaking, in the battle, never to rise again. His like shall not be missed.mummy.bmp

“Lo,” said Xoshak, after the battle had closed. “We are greatly victorious, and have smote our enemies a blow the likes has not been seen here in ten thousand years. But though our triumph be great, I see we have taken sore wounds upon ourselves. Even now can I feel the vile rot of the mummies within, clawing their way through my flesh. Though their physical form be crushed before us, the battle rageth on within. So let us fortify this position, and hold here, and protect holy Dryan and Cenarrah, that their great magics may purify us and keep us whole.” Said he little of the death of coward Mcrath, for the low man did no longer cross Xoshak’s mind. Respect had he only for those of strength and brotherhood, who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his companions.

Nyktan then was pricked of conscious, and did attempt to host a rememberance for timid Mcrath, and all the Raiders struggled to speak well of the dead, though consensus seemed that his cowardly end both remained fitting and of benefit to all.

And so did the Raiders fortify their position, and use their divine magics well to sustain the lives of their companions. Greane in particular fell ill, and had to be sustained by wand lest the rot take her before the more serious magic would be prepared.

However, the menaces within this subterranean lair were to not give the Raiders peace, and in the night, sensing their weakness, came upon them a great elemental of earth, and it cast exhaustion and fatigue in its wake. But while the Raiders did battle with the earthen monstrosity, and Leopold did stike the monstrosity, sending it crumbling, an unseen threat did lurk within their midst.Lich.bmp

For Greymag himself, his evil buried long, had risen from the grave, and had hidden invisible with his foul magics. And lo, for he had committed his soul away from himself, and become an immortal lich, and now did he set upon the Raiders with the intent of finishing that which his mummy servants had begun.

My own magics ran weak, but were sufficient to coat the foul lich with a glittering powder, making him visible for Leopold’s brave charge. Nyktan charged force as well, and swung a mighty swing, laying about the lich hard with his sword before being brought low by the lich’s deadly touch.

Desperately did Ignot and Dryth, the cries of their companions sounding behind them, search both high and low for the phylactery of Greymag, that foul device which did power his unnatural unlife and enable his foul assault on the Raiders. But, as Xoshak himself fell prey the Sorceror-King’s touch, we found little in the tomb of ignoble Greymag but despair. Benjamin held, brave Benjamin, and did beat the lich back and away, giving time to the doomed efforts of the Raiders to find the power source of this evil. But even as Benjamin stood, the unholy magic of dread Greymag did wind its tendrils through his mind, causing him to perceive an enemy where stood a friend, and he did strike out at the Raiders.

Back, then, back charged Isnot, her flail held high. Grown she was, Verial’s power coursing through her muscle and bone. Back she charged, and in desperation she swung once, then again, her mighty flail crushing the Sorceror-Kings empowered corpse.
Greymag’s putrid hand did find her then, and all looked lost as Isnot began to tremble. But she held firm, her head high and eyes blazing, and did resist the touch of the unnatural lich as she swung one final flow, crushing his skull in and sending him to his rest.

“Lo!” shouted Dryth then “Behold, for it is not death that this evil hath wrought upon Xoshak and our companion-raiders, for their hearts do beat still, though they be near unto passing. Yea, do I perceive that they are but paralyzed, and that Zinara and I may perhaps revive them, given time. Oh Raiders, do I plead with me to hold against the powers of darkness which shall assault us here, e’en as we beseech the Gods themselves to cure mighty Xoshak.”

And then did the Raiders brace, and prepare, for though the body of wretched Greymag lay defeated, the phylactery which powered his terrible soul continued, and in no great time the Raiders knew he would return to wreak great vengeance on all who had opposed his foul will.

Seigfried the Arch-Liar
Purple Worms are not that Tough

It seems in Bards Gate there is a popular song that goes on for many verses how Siegried formerly referred to as the Arch-Mage is called Siegried the Arch-Liar. This song seems to have grown during your most recent absence from the city. It has many examples of the lie that Siegried has told. Some of them you sure are very improbably.

Also mentioned in the song is Xoshak, who is the counter point to the Arch-Liar. Xoshak throughout the song points out the lies that the wizard tells to poor unsuspecting folks. One particular lie is about a farmer’s daughter that seems to rouse much laughter every time that verse is sung.

Edicts and Laws of Bards Gate

Crime – Sentence

Public Drunkedness – 1 night in the Bailey

Petty Theft – 30 days in the Bailey
Common Theft – 1 year in the Bailey
Grand Theft – 5 years in the Bailey

Assault – 5 – 10 years in the Bailey
Robbery – 5 – 20 years in the Bailey
Rape – 10 – 30 years in the Bailey

Manslaughter – 25 – 50 years in the Bailey
Murder – Death
Treason – Death

Stoned and they missed it

As we ventured out once again the group picked up two more stalwart adventurers Arryn a Bard of some renown who decided to accompany the party because of the tales and adventurers he had heard of, and began telling. Zavareal an elf who traveled with the bard and herself an accomplished mage they had demonstrated their abilities in town by defeating a group of Orcs that had somehow gotten past the city guards, not that difficult a task still the skill and ease of the Orcs defeat showed more than just brawn there skill together left One orc blind one deaf and the others reeling in confusion and crying out for the city guards to put them in the jail.

We decided to return and search for the lost cleric, NykTans sweetheart and our former traveling comp anion. We returned to see if our companion had made his way back but it was blocked by a glyph trapped to bring an Army of demons against us Zoshack looking out for us looked for a different route. This route brought a group of Stirges to the attack; Zoshack wanting to save the party forced three of them to attack himself NykTan and Arryn each were attacked by the others. Zoshacks confidence in the additions to the group proved useful the elf’s color spray caused two of them to fall to the ground the others were crushed by the group in short order.

After moving on we found stairs leading down into a gigantic cavern, we could not see the top or the other side, we could see large piles of bat droppings even the Orc with superior Vision could not see the edges of the great cave. Zoshack worked on a map, Arryn slung a stone lite towards the season to see Great Light eater bats were descending upon those with light. We defeated the creatures, rather quickly disappointing really.
We began a search among the cave and found a figure of stone; it turned out to be a petrified human, a fighter named John. We explained how Zoshack had used his great skill at and knowledge to free him from his prison of stone, he had explained it was a lizard of some sort that had petrified him the others, Arryn, Variel, and Zoshack determined it to be a Basilisk.

We descended a set of stairs and came to a room which seemed to have been recently excavated. We took several minutes to determine an action but before we could finish studying Isnot took it upon herself to move forward NykTan not wanting to be outdone walked and was attacked by an insect creature that spewed acid. Its breath was a line of acid that covered them in a green spew.

As we moved forward we found several past adventures who had meet with the same fate as John one caught the fancy of Zoshack, he freed an Elf of great beauty, little did we know she would cause more than one problem for the party in the future for instance a short time after freeing her the smiling Zoshack forgot to check for traps at a door as he continued flirting he forgot to check for traps and set off inadvertently a trap that caused a large fire ball, and clouds of sickly smelling smoke. Later the lady convinced him that he could use magic to remove a trap BOOOM Zoshack came back burned and I cured him, I am beginning to suspect the lady is trying to kill the great Zoshack? Could she have been a set up from the thieves Guild? A plant I have heard they go to great lengths for an assassination, or perhaps she means to do each one of our group in? I will tell Isnott of my suspicions.

We moved on down the halls and found a circular room with a statue in it. We decided to check the about the room Zoshack found some writing on the statue, even my skills with languages could not decipher the words. Nyktans great genius shown thru he figured if someone could speak the words then he could translate, …………………………………turns out we summoned a great Demon Zoshack smiled as the creature coalesced quickly striking Zanara with great force. The burning eyes, strong arms and tail made it a fearsome beast. It seemed to have great resistance to the damage we were causing it was the skill of Zoracks blade and the back stab that finished the beast. We learned later it was a Vrock demon. I suspect that the girl may have been involved.


We returned to the room for rest healing the party good riddance perhaps Zoshack will return to his self in the morning we found a new section of the dungeon, up the stairs we ran into a group of Spiders. The room was filled with them. As we passed thru we realized we had entered area’s we had seen before we returned down below and found another room with statues as we moved further we found a room with more statues in it as Nyktan moved forward looking over his shoulder with a mirror he spotted the Basalisk we had searched for it put up a fierce fight we fought blinded losing the Bard right away to the deadly gaze of the creatures. The party fought bravely and blindly had it not been for the crushing blows of Isnot and the deadly accuracy of Nyktan the party would surely have ended.

Songs in Bard's Gate
Xoshak's Exploits

Relaxing in Xoshak’s Rest after your trek through the swamp a bard plays in the common room for an evening. Juggling knives and balls for a while to warm up the crowd he pulls out his lute and begins a tune that everyone seems to know but you.

And then he begins to sing about the day Xoshak’s Raiders killed the purple worm. He goes into great detail about how Zinarra leaps forward to protect the others in the group and is swept up into its huge maw. She continues to fight while Isnot slams the foul beast with her flail.

The rest of the group swarms the worm. It shifts around in confusion. Xoshak climbs the worm as it looks for a target. He pushes a pressure point in the worms jaw and Zinarra is released. Xoshak swings into the huge mouth and is swallowed down while the rest of the group continues to cut and hammer away. Xoshak burns as he is swept into the gullet of the beast. He grabs his scimitar in both hands and begins to slice into the inner flesh of the best where is is no armor to protect it.

Xoshak has learned through his studies with Siegfried that this is truly the way to destroy a worm. The best falters and begins to weave back and forth and Xoshak’s raiders cut and bludgeon its armored hide.

It falls to the ground with a huge crash and a few moments later Xoshak cuts through the hide of the beast. He tumbles out of the beast burned and bruised from the constriction of the internal workings of the creature.

The group heals and makes a fire. They cook strips of purple worm and sit by the fire laughing at their latest conquest. Then they cut a huge strip off the beast which is later tanned and formed into Xoshak’s armor, for he insisted upon the majestic purple color to indicate his leadership of the raiders.


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