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  • Janette Holycraft

    Freed slave and follower of the Bright Lady. Janet has traveled from Lowport to Bards Gate to find and end Orcas influenced slavery. Gave the [[The Dark Hands | The Dark Hands]] key information so they could liberate the slaves in Bard's Gate.

  • Kha Sai

    Abducted from the Temple of Bast by the rat followers of S'surimiss. [[The Dark Hands | Dar Hands]] found her before she was sacrificed to the rat god.

  • Purrann

    First priest of the Temple of Bast in Bard's Gate. Asked the Dark Hands to guard his temple while he was out of town. See how that went. [[The Rats Below... | The Rats Below]]

  • Edmundo Eson

    Edmundo rallied a troop of the Lyre Guard to follow the path of [[The Dark Hands | The Dark Hands]] below the Temple of Baast after it had been devastatingly attacked by rat followers of S'surimus. Edmudo was gifted a magical sword by [[:kaelmourn | …

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