The Dark Hands

Active hands
KaelmournAcerbic drow arcanist who seeks magical knowledge.
Obsidian Shard – Failed drow priestess of Lloth who has turned to worship Freya.
Ifuria – Svirfneblin alchemist who desires to master the art of concoction.
Kodrin KhalinDrow fighter mage.
Coulie – A Warpriest of Arishkigal.
CrossseedDrow Ninja Slayer

Hands between worlds
Magpie the Merciless – A Hunter who travels with his wolf Dublin. Statue in Bard’s Gate.
Orgoth the Relentless – Barbarian sorcerer who strives to gain his freedom. Statue in Bard’s Gate.

Hands battling in the world beyond
Wind Raker – Strix warrior who soared above others.
Gorsk – Half-Orc barbarian battling beyond the veil.
Drummer Dink – A man who loved his drums.
Mr. Grey – A man with no face.
Flim and Flam – Ratfolk brothers who were closer than most.
Slith – Sylph with a mighty hammer named Earthbreaker.
HassanOrcish master of melee who relies on his signature chop!
Rainbow – Sorcerer who loved his illusions.
Troquar – Hobgoblin warrior.
Hobbs the Living – A devout priest of Horus.

Retired hands
Only death brings peace to those who join the Dark Hands.

Banner of the Dark Hands

The Dark Hands

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