Song of Legend, Acrebic, Dislikes Disorder





The Journey Begins

I have finally found it! The very thing that will raise me high above even the mightiest matriarchs and bring order to the chaos pit that is now know as Nightstorm [Molrak]. The Codex of Order. A tome of arcane might that grants its able user the power to forge structure and stability from the most chaotic civilizations.

The location seems problematic. Somewhere in the Over Realm around the region of the Burning World that holds the cities of Bard’s Gate and Endhome. I am certainly familiar with these names, but how far they are from Nightstorm [Molrak] is not yet clear…more study is required.

Nine months! Not so long a journey for a Drow. I make preparations careful not to let my mother, also known as the Matriarch, or my sisters learn of my plans. They would only try to stop me, fearful of another possibly gaining some power not under their direct authority. I must be extra vigilant Qilmourn [Legendary Foe] does not find out! That would be catastrophic!

The universe plays no jest that is not cruel and perverse. To find that the scrolls talk of the great Codex of Order having fallen into the hands of Orcas and in possession of him or one of his minions is maddening. They mention the book being locked away and protected by the greatest servants of chaos. I will perhaps need to gain command over a small elite group once I am in the Over Realm to help me extricate the Codex of Order. The Book seems to be hidden in one of the many secluded pockets of chaos scattered in the World That Burns.

Qilmourn [Legendary Foe] suspects. She will surely try to stop me. She will never let an asset of power such as myself leave her. She has her sights set to be Matriarch one day, and for that she will need to fight our sisters. A noble male arcanist of House Imrak [Devoted Chaos] is a useful tool for her, especially one with such connection to her, but I am no woman’s tool! I must leave this turn of the spell moon. If only every female drow of worth was not obsessed with serving a goddess that promotes the destruction and infighting of her own followers! Nightstorm [Molrak] will never be fixed in its current state. I must find the Codex of Order. Although I am not fully prepared or adept in my arcanism as I would like to be, the Over Realm awaits.

- Excerpts from the diary of Kaelmourn [Song of Legend] of House Imrak just prior to his journey to the Over Realm. The real meaning of certain drow names has been inserted by this historian for greater reader understanding.

True Companion – On the loss of Orgoth the Relentless…

Memories of the past
Loss…regret…a strange mixture of feelings has engulfed me. I remember when I first bought him. He was but a young runt in the slave market of Nightstorm. He was sickly, starved, on the edge of death’s realm. It was a fleeting whim which caused me to purchase him from the slave monger.

I myself was cut and bruised that day, my sisters had once again banded together to “teach me a lesson” in respect. Although I strived to respect the laws of my city and house, it seemed that others simply sought to find ever inventive methods to circumvent the laws and every time I would point this out or call others to task I was ridiculed or the subject of harsh vengeance.

It was after a particularly nasty session with my sisters, this time even my twin sister Qilmourn joined in, although I could not admit it to myself then, now I know that her actions cut me far deeper than any other when she delivered the final kick that sent me to unconsciousness. That was the day I bought Orgoth, a toddler hobgoblin runt, for single silver piece. My sisters laughed at me, but I nursed him back to health, I taught him, I procured the best fighting trainers for him. He served me at the Magus Maestrum while I finished my arcane studies. For the last thirty years he has been by my side, and now stony silence…

The moment of enstonement
I breath slowly, I walk to the stony form of my Hobgoblin slave, Orgoth. I remember the slave market of Nightstorm, I remember as he cleaned my rooms and fetched me food as a young hob. I remember securing swordmaster Karn to train him, I remember as he took his beatings on the practice field and always gritting through the pain to rise again, never being cowed by the drow who would use him as a practice dummy. I remember the other slaves calling him “relentless.” I remember as we journeyed from Nightstorm to the Over Realm, day after day of danger for months on end as we followed the maps of the explorer Drast Holan, navigating past caverns and tunnels altered by time and the dangers and denizens of the Under Realm. Always guarding each other, each other’s only companions on the most dangerous journey of our lives. No ordinary hobgoblin, his mind had picked up pieces of knowledge regarding my arcane studies and we would often discuss esoteric matters of the mind as we traveled. My slave, my servant, my ally, my companion, my friend…

Joining Orgoth…
Kaelmorn was finally brought to a halt by a retriever of great power when he was daring a magical assault against the beast within Rappan Athuk. He valiantly took the magical assault sparing his friends from future depredations.


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