The Dark Hands

Active hands
Obsidian ShardFailed drow priestess of Lloth who has turned to worship Freya.
IfuriaSvirfneblin alchemist who desires to master the art of concoction.
JadwigaMysterious witch looking for her hut
Aramil HolimionElven Warpriest with dwarven upbringing
MeounWild druid

Hands between worlds
Magpie the Merciless – A Hunter who travels with his wolf Dublin. Statue in Bard’s Gate.
Orgoth the Relentless – Barbarian sorcerer who strives to gain his freedom. Statue in Bard’s Gate.
KaelmournAcerbic drow arcanist who seeks magical knowledge. Statue in Rappan Athuk in the spider realm, guarded by a retriever.
Coulie – A Warpriest of Arishkigal. Missing in Action.

Hands battling in the world beyond
Wind Raker – Strix warrior who soared above others.
Gorsk – Half-Orc barbarian battling beyond the veil.
Drummer Dink – A man who loved his drums.
Mr. Grey – A man with no face.
Flim and Flam – Ratfolk brothers who were closer than most.
Slith – Sylph with a mighty hammer named Earthbreaker.
HassanOrcish master of melee who relies on his signature chop!
Rainbow – Sorcerer who loved his illusions.
Troquar – Hobgoblin warrior.
Hobbs the Living – A devout priest of Horus.
Kodrin KhalinDrow fighter mage.
Winter D’Ivorie – Warrior with an attitude
Sifu Mobu – A gnomish cavalier, “Tallyhoe!”
CrossseedDrow Ninja Slayer
Duur – Half-Orc with a brutal reputation.

Retired hands
Only death brings peace to those who join the Dark Hands.

Banner of the Dark Hands

The Dark Hands

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