Bard's Gate

A major city at the center of all. It’s rulers have stretched their influence far beyond the city walls.

Bard’s Gate’s population averages 20,000 in winter, and up to 35,000 in the summer when merchant caravans, adventurers, travelers and mercenaries visit the city; over the entire year its average population is about 25,000. Bard’s Gate boasts a higher population than normal of elves and half-elves, possibly due to its focus on the arts. Normally a race in search of a home, many half-elves find things quite to their liking in this tolerant city. The city, as with most cities, is dominated by humans, however.

Bard’s Gate is a tolerant city and most citizens vary from neutral to Chaotic Good. The city harbors many different races and beliefs, allowing most citizens to do as they please, but also allowing much evil to exist undetected. This is not to say that the city’s inhabit- ants are tolerant of evil; quite the contrary. Living under the constant threat of invasion from the orcs and gnolls of the north makes the average Bard’s Gate citizen even more determined that good triumph, but their “live and let live” philosophy also gives evil the opportunity to hide itself successfully.

Due to its important trade location, Bard’s Gate is highly prosperous. There is also a huge number of skilled craftsmen in the city, and many outstanding goods are available. Nearly any masterwork item can be purchased here.

Weather and Climate
Bard’s Gate enjoys a moderate climate, ranging from freezing temperatures during winter to occasionally heavy rains in the spring and heat ranging into the 90s during summer. A temperate, relatively pleasant region, Bard’s Gate is in the middle of rich agricultural lands, but perils such as the gnoll raiders and stubbornly traditional wood elves have prevented this region from being overly developed

Economics of Bard’s Gate
Organized Religions of Bard’s Gate

Bard's Gate

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